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Myrrh is in the Frankincense family of Bible Anointing oils and is mentioned between 13-16 times in the Bible depending on your translation. Several of the references could be referring to another oil. A few selections are-

“I have perfumed by bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.” Proverbs 7:17

“I arose to open to my beloved, and my hands dripped with myrrh, my fingers with liquid myrrh, upon the handles of the bolt.” Song of Solomon 5:5

Purpose Of Anointing Oil In The Bible

How Did the Ancient Peoples Use Myrrh?

There are many species that the myrrh of the Bible could be. There were actually 9 different ones available at the time of Moses and over 80 identified today. It is one of the oldest spiritual oils known to man. Myrrh was used in childbirth to prevent infection and was rubbed on the perineum to aid in stretching to allow for easier childbirth. It was then used on the umbilical cord to prevent infection. It was used for skin conditions, oral hygiene and embalming. Women believed it preserved a youthful look and so it was used in many cosmetics.

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Myrrh has a lot of healing properties. It is anti-infectious, antiviral, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, hormone-like, anti-hyperthyroid, and supports the immune system. It is good for diarrhea, thrush in babies, vaginal thrush, athlete’s foot, ringworm, viral hepatitis, chapped skin, wrinkles. It is used in a lot of skin care products for its ability to smooth out wrinkles. Its astringent properties make it helpful for hemorrhoids and for healing ulcers of all kinds. It is good for menstrual problems and menopausal symptoms. It is also used for emotional releasing. It has a gentle calming affect and can be used to instill deep tranquility, inner stillness and peace. When used in grief, it tends to ease sorrow. The main effects of Myrrh are Anti-inflammatory and antiviral.

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How Can Myrrh Be Used?

Myrrh can be used to anoint the brow, energy centers, hands and the soles of the feet. Myrrh can be placed on the healer’s hands and brushed through the energy field to bring about a sense of peacefulness and tranquility. it can be used directly on the body (you may want to dilute it only because it is sticky.) It can be diffused or inhaled directly but if you choose to put it in a diffuser, be prepared for it to gum up the works.

For more information on how this ancient biblical anointing oil with CBD and other essential oils has modern day applications, you may wish to attend an aromatherapy program that discusses the Biblical oils. the Institute of Spiritual Healing and Aromatherapy is such a program.

What Does Anointing Oil Represent In The Bible?

Use Of Anointing Oil In The Bible

Very good question! We actually don't know which oils Jesus and his disciples specifically used-but this we do know-they were not using their cooking oils or their lamp oils to anoint for healing. In other words-they were not anointing with olive oil alone. More than likely they were using a healing oil which may have been within a carrier oil such as olive.

What Essential Oils Were Available and Used in Biblical Times?

The Bible actually refers to thirty-five different botanical plants by name. Some were used primarily for incense but many others were crudely distilled by several different methods and used for healing the body. They were rubbed or smeared on the body, poured on the body or may have been sprinkled on the body.

The more popular oils that would have been commonly available at the time of Jesus include myrrh, frankincense, balsam, sandalwood (called aloes at that time-no relation to aloe vera), cypress, hyssop, spikenard, cinnamon, cassia, calamus among others. These would have constituted their "medicine cabinet" much like we might have aspirin and other remedies in our medicine chest.

Since these oils were just as expensive in Biblical times as they are now, how do you suppose Jesus and his disciples were able to afford them? The early Christian writings give us some insight-"The women saw to the needs of the ministry." You might interpret this as the women seeing to the disciple's physical needs like cooking and providing a place for the disciples to stay. Or as this writer feels-they made sure all the disciples had these expensive anointing oils for the ministry.

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